What distinguishes our store from many others and why is it a good idea to buy a sex doll in our store?

Excellent quality, commitment to delivery schedules and competitive pricing have made us the choice supplier in over 50 countries.

Our sex dolls are not the cheapest, but our prices are very affordable considering the quality of our ultra realistic love dolls and the fact that they come with a lot of extremely useful free stuff.
This free kit includes things that will greatly help you store, maintain and move your life like sex doll.
This kit will save your time and energy and you will get much more pleasure from your doll!

What do you get with each sex doll?

DollRoll (only for dolls)
Our sex dolls are lifelike and very realistic.
This applies not only to their appearance but also to their weight.
If you have problems with weight lifting then the DollRoll is simply a must-have for you.
Imagine how it’ll be inconvenient to lift a doll after sex (and before too) and move her to your shower for example.
With a DollRoll everything is much easier.

  • Make a doll sit on your bed.
  • Remove her head.
  • Thread a hook.
  • Tilt a dollaroll and hook a doll to crossbar. By the way, it is desirable to store sex dolls in a suspended state.
  • Bring the DollRoll into a vertical position.
  • Straighten the doll’s legs and easily move her into shower.

Easy and simple!

DollRoll makes it very easy to move sex doll around a house. It's also almost effortless to wash, dress and store her.

Washing your sex doll without DollRoll is quite inconvenient. Wet and soaped doll in addition to her weight becomes slippery. DollRoll completely eliminates this problem, making the process convenient and fast.
After bathing your sex doll needs to be dried and sprinkled with baby powder or corn starch. After that you put her into a storage bag (described below) and easily transport to your preferred storage place. It can be a wardrobe, walk in closet or just put her next to your bed. DollRoll’s base is only 40x40 cm and it can easily fit in a standard wardrobe.

Storage bag (large for dolls and small for head).
Our bags are made from 100% cotton muslin. This material is commonly used in museums for preservation of art works. Our love dolls are kind of a masterpieces too and this is why we supply free bags made of muslin fabric for their safety.

Head stand and hook.
Suitable for both storage and makeup applying. Head stand stand is made of metal, stable and strong. You can store the head just like a sex doll's body, i.e. hanging it (you’ll get 2 hooks with any sex doll and one hook with each additional head).

As you know, many people like to eat and cook, but very few of us like to wash dishes :) Our kit really helps to make your sex doll maintenance as easy as possible.

If even considering all this you think that you can't afford such a doll, then we have a great offer for you - our affiliate program.

Our Affiliate Program

You will earn 10% with our affiliate program which could bring you $100+ for every sale generated by your affiliates.

Our affiliate program is available automatically after registration and in “my account” section you’ll see an “affiliate program” option with 3 types of links and some banners. You can create your own banner, just show it for approval.
Also we can make a banner or button tailored to your site.

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No cookies - anyone registered with your link, banner or coupon is yours forever.

About geo - we DO NOT SHIP to Islamic countries and other places where our products are prohibited. So it’s useless to promote our stuff there.

Our payment system is paypal but we can think about other payment ways too - just let us know.

Hold time is 2 weeks after delivery. Total it’s ~1 week production + 1 to 2 weeks shipping + mentioned 2 weeks.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.